Micro-crochet Belle

This was my first attempt at Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  

I got a VHS tape of Beauty and the Beast for my third birthday and despite being so scared of the wolves that there were post-it notes on the box with times to fast forward through, it was my favorite Disney movie as a child. I even had a Beauty and the Beast sleeping bag with fuzzy yellow lining that I kept in my cubby at pre-school and took naps in every afternoon.



Childhood memories aside, I’m particularly fond of this doll because a) she turned out really well, and b) she was featured on deviantArt’s front page in May of 2013 and was viewed by around 5000 people over a few days! I found this really encouraging and inspiring, because while I always love what I make, it’s nice to know other people do too.



Isn’t she sweet? I love her little apron and her hair bow!

Until next time, C.


5 thoughts on “Micro-crochet Belle

    1. It does! Luckily I have a lot of patience, especially when it comes to making things (and small children)! I’d recommend starting with the smallest hook you feel comfortable with and moving down from there. I started with 1.5 mm and six strands of DMC and then went down to 1 mm, and then 0.75.


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