Because I’m an adult, I had a Disney movies afternoon last week with a friend. We watched Mulan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and by about half way through Hunchback I’d decided to crochet a little Esmerelda.


I had trouble choosing which thread to use for her skin colour. I didn’t want her to be too golden, so I finally settled on a greyish brown, which I think I’m happy with.


I usually set out all of the colours I’m planning to use for a new doll before I start, so I can keep them together and think about how I’m going to tackle the clothing. For Esmerelda, I started with her petticoat and shirt, which I crocheted as one garment. I made a magic ring at her waist, crocheted down to the hem, then returned and crocheted up for her bodice. Annoyingly I ran out of thread and can’t do her sleeves until I get some more until Cleggs gets some more of the right colour, but that’s okay.


Next came her purple skirt (DMC 685?),  which is worn over an aqua corset with yellow stripes. I crocheted the corset first, joining each round in the centre back to give the illusion of a join, then added the stripes (which I sort of hate but what can you do) before crocheting the skirt from the bottom of the corset (the join will be covered by her shawl). I tried to do something a little different with the lower half, increasing more than I usually do in attempt to create the draping you find in a circle skirt. At the moment I’ve run a thread through at the knee and hem lines but I think I might use hairspray and then drops of water if it needs help to ‘relax’. Or I might frog it and keep it A-line as I have in the past. We shall see!


I don’t usually crochet accessories before having completed the doll, including clothes and hair, but Esmerelda’s tiny tambourine was just to tempting!


I made it from an off-white and a pale brown thread, and tiny gold seqins. And hairspray. Naturally.


Until next time! C.


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