Rainbow Threads

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue…

Some days, when I don’t know what I want to make, I sit on my bed and go through my threads.

Some of them are remnants from my cross-stitch days, but a lot of them were given to me by an aunt who used to do a lot of embroidery and even some miniature knitting, on toothpicks no less!  (And my mother wonders where I get it from.)  I’m slowly changing over from paper floss cards to plastic ones, and a week or two ago I bought a pink plastic floss winder which is kind of fun to play with.

It was only a few dollars, but the satisfaction of having evenly wound floss cards is worth so much more than that!

I’ve always liked arranging things. My mum says it’s a Virgo thing; when I was a kid, if I was waiting at a shop counter and they had a little stand of nail polish or pens or something, I would start moving them so that they were grouped according to colour and all of the gaps were neatly filled.

One year my cousin and I recieved sets of 72 Derwent pencils from our grandma for our birthdays, which are ten days apart. If we got them out but didn’t feel like drawing, our favorite thing to do with them was to take all of the pencils them out, mix them up, and then put them back into the tin. Sometimes we sorted them by colour, but mostly we followed the little gold numbers on the sides of each pencil. It felt more official, because once the pencils were lying side by side you could roll them with the tips of your fingers so the shiny gold writing was facing up.

I’m sure once I’ve labeled all of my threads with the DMC numbers I’ll be able to organised them like this, but for now, rainbow order will suffice:

Skin and hair tones, and “dusty” colours.


Until next time, C.


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