Another Little Mermaid

image This doll was my third Ariel, and was a gift for a lovely friend I met at a Stitch and Bitch group in Melbourne. I used DMC cotton embroidery floss for her shell bra and body (DMC 3370, my go-to colour for un-tanned Caucasian skin), and DMC silk/satin thread for her hair and tail. The silk thread has a lovely sheen but is really annoying to crochet with – the tiny fibres kept catching on my 0.75mm hook, making the thread kind of fuzzy in places – and it made it much harder to create the right 80s volume in her hair, particularly the fringe. Unfortunately she doesn’t have an armature, but that’s okay. Next time! I want to make at least one more Ariel, probably in her blue and black Kiss the Girl peasant dress, but most likely in her sparkly purple dress from the end of the film,  which was always my favorite outfit of hers as a child. I mean, it’s literally made of purple magic! Plus, I found just the right thread for it: image How cool is that? Until next time, C.


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