Esmerelda’s hair

I couldn’t help myself. I went back and fixed Esmerelda’s hair.

First I washed out some of the hairspray by soaking her hair in a little water:


Then I twisted sections of it up into little bundles that held themselves in place:


When I’d done her whole head, I covered her with a handkerchief and blasted her head with my hairdryer. (These dolls are teaching me so much about styling hair!)


I dampened her fringe with drops of water and used pins to hold it in place while it dried.


The whole thing actually looked quite sweet, if you can get past the needles in her head! It’s definitely a style I’d play around with if I was attempting a Roman or Greek goddess.

I left it for the afternoon to let the whole head dry properly, and when I came back to take the curls out…


…so much better. Her hair is big and textured and I’m so, so pleased with it! Now she just needs her purple scarf at her waist, and she’s finished!


Until next time, C.


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