Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor

As mentioned, I’m a big fan of the reboot of Doctor Who.  I saw bits and pieces of Season 3 on television in the UK in 2008, but received my proper introduction to the show from a wonderful friend who I met in my very first semester at uni when we bonded over our love of the French Revolution, Brideshead Revisited and Harry Potter.

She gave me a copy of Season 4 and told me that although it wasn’t the first season, it was her favourite.  I watched it, and by the end of The Fires of Pompeii I was in love with the show.  As a result, although I am fond of the ninth doctor, and amused by the eleventh doctor, and curious about the twelfth and current doctor, David Tennant as the tenth doctor is my doctor.

Look at that coat! Who wouldn’t love him?
1950s Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor in his brown suit and coat.

You may notice that Ten doesn’t have feet or shoes here.  This is because I was experimenting with making trousers without legs underneath, so, sorry David, no feet for you.

It looks better with the coat, but you can’t have everything all the time.
Captain Jack can’t even tell you what he’s thinking right now, and River’s mind is racing, because there are *gasp* two doctors!

Cute, right?  My little doctors and Rose are the same size as my tiny Disney ladies – about three centimetres tall – and are currently hanging out in a picture frame with my little model TARDIS.

Until next time, C.


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