Off with his head!

Merlin’s hair is giving me some serious trouble at the moment (as is the WordPress app on my phone, as the last two posts I’ve tried to make haven’t gone through). It started off well enough, but despite two attempts is just not doing what I want it to.




See? Not quite what I’m going for with Colin Morgan’s Merlin hairstyle.


… so I took the hair out and tried again.



Closer, but still not right. At this point I was extremely close to taking my scissors to Merlin’s head, so I decided to sleep on it and reassess in the morning.


I still hated it, so I carefully took his head off. I decided the problem was that his head was too small (23 stitches circumference), so I’ve made a bigger one (25 stitches circumference) and I’m trying again, trimming the hair as I go.


Until next time, C.


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