Layering crocheted clothing

I’m not usually very good at remembering to take photos in every stage of the process when I’m making dolls – I tend to end up with dozens of pictures of one stage, and then nothing until I’m three or four steps along!  Still, I managed to get photos of most stages with Anna from Frozen, and after a question about how I dress my dolls, I though I might post about the process of making Anna.

Anna must have something under her skirt, since it’s rather cold outside, but unlike most other Disney ladies she doesn’t appear to have a petticoat.


Happily I found a shot of Anna’s figurine/animation for the Disney Infinity video game which seemed to indicate she was wearing ice-blue pantalets to match her shirt:


I thought they suited her character, so off I went! I gave Anna black legs, straying from my rule of no shoes, because I couldn’t bear for her to look too cold, and gave her ice-blue pantalets over the top, crocheting them directly from her upper thigh since I didn’t want any bulk around her waist.


For her skirt, I crocheted down from her waist and switched between two colours at the hem to create the scalloped pattern.


I crocheted her shirt up from below her bust to the collar, then put in the sleeves.


Ordinarily I would attach the shirt to the skirt, or start lower on the body, but I was trying to save on layers around her waist since I knew the bodice was going to bulk her out a little.


The black bodice went over the top, crocheted separately from her body using a magic circle around her waist, just above the skirt, but not attached to it.  I crocheted up, then went back and crocheted down until I felt the proportions were right. After a line of gold around the edges of the collar, armholes and waist, and it was time for hair and embroidery!


This photo was taken before I’d finished the embroidery on her skirt – for some reason it took me ages to do that last little piece so she’d be finished!  As I’ve said, I’m really pleased with how she turned out – her costume isn’t especially complicated, but it was a little fiddly, and I had to figure out a few new techniques, like crocheting in two colours for the bottom of her skirt.


Until next time, C.


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