Gandalf the Grey


I made Gandalf on a bit of a whim in mid-2013, and despite all the grey I really enjoyed making him.
He had a tiny pipe, at one stage, but it, uh… went walkabout, I guess? Like his sword and staff, it was made from Fimo and then painted with little pots of paint from my local warhammer store. The warhammer guy was very helpful, explaining how to layer the paint to achieve a wood effect – and he barely blinked when I told him I wanted it to paint Gandalf’s staff!

My Lord of the Rings dolls were my first “larger” dolls after my 3 cm Disney Princesses, but I hadn’t yet thought about armature. Still, they helped me realize that if I went a little bigger – 7 or 8 cm tall, for instance – I could incorporate more details, which is where the fun begins.


Until next time, C.


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