Frozen – Princess Anna

Presenting Princesses Anna of Arendelle! Anna was an absolute joy to make – so many different colors and little details! I am particularly pleased with the embroidery on her skirt, and the fact that I managed to crochet her hem in two colors. Until next time, C.

Another Little Mermaid

This doll was my third Ariel, and was a gift for a lovely friend I met at a Stitch and Bitch group in Melbourne. I used DMC cotton embroidery floss for her shell bra and body (DMC 3370, my go-to colour for un-tanned Caucasian skin), and DMC silk/satin thread for her hair and tail.


Because I’m an adult, I had a Disney movies afternoon last week with a friend. We watched Mulan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and by about half way through Hunchback I’d decided to crochet a little Esmerelda.

Group shot!

Ariel was actually my second doll after the ballerina. She was crocheted during a 12 hour train trip from Melbourne to Sydney in February of 2013.