Since I tend to search for images on several different devices (depending on which had the most battery life) I’ve realised that Pintrest is going to make my life much easier.

Pineapples are cool

I had a busy day today, with my godfather’s 70th birthday party, so no new doll updates.  Instead, here’s a pineapple I made for my cousin to give to her girlfriend a few Christmases ago.

Cleggs and Cloaks

Even though I went to the new Lincraft in the CBD yesterday to stock up on some DMC, I couldn’t resist popping into Cleggs today to see what goodies I could spot in the dregs of their end of financial year clearance sale. A friend asked me if I was going to make Morgana a … More Cleggs and Cloaks

Gwen’s gown

Having decided on a gown for Gwen, I poked through my colors for the right shade of purple. I  went with colour to the left of the cream thread – DMC 340. I started with a medium brown for Gwen’s quilted petticoat, then crocheted her off-white under-gown. Unfortunately I was so involved in what I … More Gwen’s gown

Another purple gown

After some discussion with trusted sources and a fair bit of google searching, I decided on a purple gown of Gwen’s from season four of Merlin. It’s similar in colour to dresses Gwen wears in the second and third seasons of the show, but isn’t as lavish as since of her gowns from the fifth … More Another purple gown